We value our clients' experience at Sherwood Veterinary Clinic. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Hanna Bishay

  • "On April 7 Abby, our 7 year old black lab x Sheppard dog waa one sick puppy. Dr Bishay seen us without a prior appointment & immediately after examining her rescheduled his appointments to perform emergency surgery on her. She had pyometra & was potentially hours away from death. Her uterus was ready to rupture. Dr Bishay saved Abby's life. Hard lesson learned .......spay or neutere your pets!
    I would strongly recommend Dr Bishay to anyone. He is a very caring & compassionate doctor. He took the time not only to look after our dog but us as I (Kelly) was very upset. We just got home from the 4 day post op checkup & am happy to say Abby is doing very well. We are to return in 7 days now to have her stitches removed. I am confident once that cone is gone she will be the playful 7 year old puppy once again!
    Thanks again Dr Bishay. You & your friendly professional staff are the best!!! We will be bringing Abby for any services she may require in the years to come."
    Kelly C.
  • "Destiny and all of Canine Second Chance Rescue & rehabilitation would like to send their love and thanks to The most amazing Veterinarian Dr Bishay and also to To Dr Matta and their wonderful loving and caring and very skilled staff. Because of them Destiny is alive. She literally was a doggy that was fighting for her life and if these amazing people didn't step forward and fight as hard and as long as they did she would be over the rainbow bridge. Not only did they save her life they were so supportive and caring for us humans as well. It helped us knowing our beloved girl was in loving and capable hands of veterinarians that truly love what they do and are doing it for the right reasons.
    Destiny says Dr Bishay will always be her Hero and she can't wait to visit him again just to give him more Pittbull kisses ( the greatest kisses ever).
    Thank You all from all of CSCRR and Thank You for being Destinys Heros."
    Sandra T.
  • "My sister and I brought our very insecure submissive 6 month old puppy in to get spayed. We recently found out she had a heart murmur and went to get a second opinion from Dr.Matta about getting the operation.
    Not only did he go above and beyond to make sure our shy little girl comfy and relaxed, he also had a very thorough examination of her.
    He also calmed our worries. He was very informative about what would be happening during the operation.
    Everything went perfectly and our girl is now happy and home.
    I would definitely recommend!!"
    Keeana B. D.
  • "Just had my dog Sophie at this Veterinary Clinic. They all were absolutely amazing, compassionate and kind. So greatful to have a clinic open on a Sunday of a long weekend. They went above and beyond."
    Sheri M.
  • "Dr. Bishay Did a fabulous job on our little kitten Olive, she went in to be spayed and declawed and we picked her up same day and that night she was running around like nothing had happened. We tried to keep her in the kitchen as we didn't want her straining anything or having sore feet but that didn't stop her she was up on the bar stools and playing with all of her toys. All I can say is he did a fantastic job because our little kitty had no pain she was her usual self right away! I'd highly recommend him and his prices are reasonable."
    Sarah S.
  • "Excellant veterinarians. My little toy poodle goes to see dr. Matta and she has been treated like she is a little princess. Love the place. Highly recommend a place."
    Debbie S.
  • "Dr. Bishay has been excellent over the last week. Last Saturday it was determined that my dog had an intestinal blockage and even though we knew what had to be done we were unable to find a vet willing or able to the emergency surgery that was needed to save her life. We were recommended to go and see Dr. Bishay and luckily we did as she was on the brink of death as he had to removed 1.5 ft of intestine. He was so helpful and ran out to the car to even carry her in. After surgery he let me come and see her and spend some much needed time with her and was in no rush for me to leave even though they were closed. That night he went back and checked on her 3 times to make sure she was still doing okay. A week later and we just had her post op visit and she is 100% back to her old self and I'm so happy that I have my best friend still by my side. Needless to say my entire family is switching over to Sherwood Veterinary Clinic."
    Savanna G.
  • "Our Cocker Spaniel Bruno had a severe infection that had gone unnoticed due to his shaggy fur....his collar had dug in too tight around his throat and had caused deep abrasions and cuts that had become severely infected....oozing pus and smelled horrible. We used to use a different vet clinic, but since this one was only a 1 minute drive from our house we gave it a try. The Doctor (from Egypt) was very kind to our dog, and was sympathetic to the fact we were leaving on a two-week holiday in a few days and with Christmas approaching we were tight for dollars. He came up with a more than reasonable price for the services needed, and surprised us when we returned after the surgery on Bruno's throat and noticed he had gone above and beyond in what he did for Bruno. I felt I got a little price 'gouged' at the other Vet we went to, so we are likely now loyal clients of Sherwood Vet Clinic :-) Great honest service."
    Dean B.
  • "We took our dog Murphy here with an eye issue on a Sunday and they took us in even though they were about to close. He had many rechecks and was not charged for each one. His eye is all better now and Murphy says he likes the treats at this clinic!"
    Trish H.
  • "Called on a Sunday at 4:30 pm half hour before closing with a problem with our 7 month old beagle cross, Banjo. We were told to bring him down by Vet Tech Jen. We got there 5;10 pm and Dr Matta and Jen looked at him, did x rays and told us he had a foreign object blocking his intestine and needed surgery. That evening Dr. Bishay had to be called in to perform the emergency surgery. They finally left the clinic around 11:00 Sunday night.
    We were able to go and pick up our dog the next evening and so far he seems to be doing very well. What an amazing experience. The vet tech that was there, Tammy, explained in great detail all the medications Banjo would be on. We, as complete strangers, were treated as if we had been going there for ever, you could tell they were not just in it for the money that they genuinely cared for the dogs well being. They saved our dogs life. I would recommend them to anyone in the area, an experience I will never forget. Thank you to everyone at the clinic."
    Amy B.
  • "I took my kitty Ophelia into the Sherwood veterinary clinic when she was in terrible crisis, mastitis took a turn for the worst and no one would help us! We were welcomed with loving caring arms and they took such great care of my girl! They saved her life and made her feel safe and comfortable every time we came in for check ups! I will continue to drive from downtown Edmonton to see dr. Bishay and the rest of the wonderful staff here!! Thank you so much we love you!!"
    Shelby B.
  • "Sherwood Vet took great care of my dog Cocoa. My groomer noticed that my dog was straining to urinate and it was darker then usual. The clinic got me an appointment quickly. Very quickly after seeing Cocoa Dr Bishay suggested X-rays and I'm happy I had them, she had one very large and some smaller ones. He got her into surgery in. Few days and even did X-rays after to make sure the stones were all removed.
    The clinic called me mid day to see if I wanted to see her but kept her all day. By the next day she wanted to run and play (which I couldn't let her)
    Even following up Cocoa loved going there. They encourage their patients to come and drop in even for a treat and to say hi.
    I incredibly greatful for the treatment from Dr. Bishay, Tammy, Kelly and Jen. My little girl is like a new dog again!"
    Erin R.
  • "A huge thank you to the Dr Bishay and the staff at Sherwood Veterinary Clinic for taking such amazing care of our silly little Peanut!!! The customer service is top notch as well as the level of service!! We've had to bring three of our dogs in for care and every time we were greeted with kindness and professionalism. If you haven't met Dr. Bishay or Dr. Matta and their staff, pop in and say hi, you won't regret it!"
    Pam J. V.
  • "I can't say that I know anyone who looks forward to taking their pet to the vet but there had been a noticeable change in the demeanor of our senior cat over the past few days. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Harley this afternoon who had been part of our family for 10 years.
    Dr Matta, Tammy and Kelly were nothing short of amazing in their care and compassion. Dr Matta took the time to explain test results and X-rays in great detail as well as what our options were.
    We would highly recommend the team at Sherwood Park Vet Clinic...they truly care."
    Mark O.
  • "Staff at the clinic were very friendly and helpful. They were excellent with my senior cat who is terrified of leaving the house. Dr. Bishay was very honest, knowledgable, and straight forward. He made it very clear that any time I have any questions, I can come in or give them a call, and that there are no silly questions. The great hours of the clinic are definitely a bonus. I would absolutely recommend Sherwood Vetrinary Clinic. I will definitely continue to take my fur family members there."
    Alexandra H.
  • "I've visited the vet clinic a few times since they have opened and every experience there has been awesome. The price is very fair and the staff are willing to work with you and your animal for the best treatment option. I have moved all my dogs from the old vet over to this veterinary clinic. I would highly recommend Sherwood Veterinary Clinic."
    Lexi B.
  • "Very impressed with the way they dealt with my dogs injury. The Dr. was very knowledgable and it was cheaper then I would have expected."
    Kevin M.
  • "The staff and Dr at this clinic are 10+
    I highly recommend them."
    Mikaela L. M.
  • "Today took our cat Garfield to emergency at Sherwood Veterinary and was so impressed at the great care we received. Dr. Adel Matta and staff was great with Garfield. Were there 2 hours and felt really good for the care, thank you so much. I would recommend anyone who is looking for good care for their pet to try them, we had such a great experience that this is now Garfield's new vet!"
    Joyce S.
  • "I decided to try out this clinic because it was so close by. I was very pleased by the courteous and thorough service for my sick cat. The staff were caring towards my animal and respectful of my pocketbook! I will be bringing all of my pets there."
    Myrna L.
  • "We visited Sherwood Veterinary Clinic a couple weeks ago for a checkup on one of our girls, Lexi, we were unsure why she had lost some weight. The doctors and staff were extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I found their rates reasonable, the doctors were very willing to work with me regarding different treatment options and even called a few days later when they had thought of something new that might help. We are planning on taking Lexi back this week and her sister, Eberle, will be along for a checkup as well!!"
    Brittany L.
  • "Great experience! Our dog, who hates men & bites at every opportunity, had blood work done and a complete exam. The vet was very gentle and thorough. Our dog responded very well to him and we were really pleased with the fact that he listened to everything we said and spent the time to try to get to the root of the problem. Jennifer, the vet tech was excellent as well. Overall, great service and very knowledgable! We'll be back!"
    Stefani T.

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